Fans Have Found A P.T. Easter Egg Hidden In Metal Gear Solid 5


The game that never dies, P.T., has resurfaced in Metal Gear Solid V as a sneaky Easter egg.

Hideo Kojima is a man well known for slipping references from his games into his other games. Gamesception. It’s no secret that P.T. already has a spot in MGSV, the creepy ghost lady known as Lisa can be used as an inflatable decoy to scare and confuse guards.

Another reference has now been discovered in one of the game’s missions set in Africa. A radio transmission can be overheard playing the same spooky message that plays on the radio in the house in P.T.

It’s not clear whether the message was put in the game before or after P.T. was cancelled, but if it was put in after, it’s a massive two fingers to Konami by Kojima. It could also hint that Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill are set in the same universe – and would date P.T. at around 1984, when The Phantom Pain is set. Metal Gear Silent crossover anyone?