Fans Make Aliens: Colonial Marines Pretty Awesome With New Mod


They say you can’t polish a turd, but apparently you can mod it till it doesn’t stink anymore. Aliens: Colonial Marines launched back in 2013 to a near unanimous negative reception from fans and critics – and now it seems the intrepid modder community is attempting to turn it into a good game. 

Templar GFX Modding is responsible for the mod, which you can find over on ModDB. The mod basically changes every single aspect of the Alien FPS, retouching everything from the game engine, to weapon mechanics and animations.

AI for both humans and Xenomorphs have been improved. The Xenomorphs in particular have been tweaked so they’re as deadly and terrifying as a race of deadly alien killing machines should be. There are some much needed touch ups to the visuals, too.

The mod’s description boldly states that this is how Alien: Colonial Marines should have been when it came out. You can take a look at the mod in action below.

Now, I don’t make games, so I wouldn’t know – but I imagine it must be pretty embarrassing when a group of amateur modders have to step in to fix your big budget release because it was that shit.