Fantastic Weapons And Where To Find Them In Ghost Recon Wildlands


Ghost Recon Wildlands is a really, really big game. Seriously – it’s almost too big, and with the whole world open to you from the start, there’s a chance you’ll never come across some of the really cool gear. 

Helpfully though, PC Gamer has put together an in-depth guide on where to track down ten of the best weapons in the game. What follows are the locations of our five favourite guns, so don’t read on if you wanna come across this stuff naturally.

ACR (Assault Rifle)

A modern classic, the powerful AMP can be found in Media Luna in the village of La Loma. Look for a weapon case is in an empty yellow storage crate by the river.

MK249 (Light Machine Gun)

This light option for machine gun enthusiasts is in Malca, at an outpost north of Icoya. It’s next to the lake towards the southern end of the map, and is tucked away between some boxes at the end of the road (south of the outpost marker on the map).

PSG (Submachine Gun)

A more accurate (but no less deadly) machine gun is in the San Mateo base, just south of the train station. You’ll want to keep an eye out for an ammuniation shed with an exploding grenade sign – that’s where the case will be.

L115A3 (Sniper Rifle)

Here’s one for the sneakier monkeys amongst you, and since Wildlands can be much more fun when you get your stealth on, I recommend picking it up.

Head to the El Yayo Cooperative in Monte Puncu, west of Chaca Barracha – you really can’t miss the weapon case from there.

SPAS-12 (Shotgun)

Of course, no list would be complete without a shotgun, and the SPAS-12 is a fine example of the genre. All you need to do to make it yours is trek to F.O.B. Vibora in La Cruz, southeast of Khochi. It’ll be in one of the side buildings there.

With these five weapons at your disposal, you’ll be a real threat to those pesky drug dealers out in there in the wilds. For even more weapon locations (and plenty more helpful info) you should head on over to PC Gamer.