Far Cry 5 And Far Cry New Dawn Location Comparison Video Released


As I’m sure we’re all well aware by now, the recently-revealed Far Cry New Dawn serves as a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, dealing with that game’s post apocalyptic climax. 

Given that the two games both take place in the fictional Hope Valley, Montana, a lot of us have been wondering just how similar the maps will be. The place was hit by a nuclear bomb and turned into a wild wasteland for 17 years after all, so you’d imagine that a few things are pretty different to how you remember them.


Well, if you’re interested to see exactly how the world of New Dawn compares to the world of Far Cry 5, YouTuber Cycu1 has put together a very interesting video that puts the two side by side.

As you can see for yourself in the video below, it does look like Far Cry New Dawn a lot of map similarities with the last game, which just makes sense to be honest.

It’s unlikely that New Dawn will feature the exact same map however, and there are some pretty obvious visual difference between the two worlds, which should make revisiting some of the familiar locations from Far Cry 5 that much more haunting.

What I find really striking is the fact that New Dawn tends to be the more vibrant of the two games. I’d imagine this is a deliberate choice on the part of Ubisoft who want to distance themselves from the bleak and murky colour scheme of the Fallout franchise, as if that will stop the inevitable comparisons come review time.