Far Cry Primal Introducing Intense New Challenge In April


Was Far Cry Primal too easy for you? Fear not, because a new update coming April 12 will introduce a new Survivor Mode, complete with the option to toggle permadeath to the stone age adventure. 

What’s permadeath? You seem like a smart kid, so I’m sure you’ve worked it out, but just in case: if you die with permadeath on, that’s it for your save.

Your character dies, that’s the end of your game. You’ll have to start from scratch. Intense, no?

Ubisoft announced the news in its blog

Far Cry Primal director Thomas Simon said Survivor mode will make exploration, crafting, and the difficulty “more realistic”.

If they fully want to embrace the realism, here’s hoping they got my suggestion for the mode where you’ll have to frequently find a bush to crap in, and then wipe yourself clean with whatever foliage you can find.


So what else does Survivor Mode add? Well, there’ll be a stamina gauge that drains as time goes on. The only way to restore it is to sleep – obviously you grow weaker the lower the gauge is.

The minimap will also be removed, because cavemen almost definitely didn’t have minimaps (I’m like, 90% sure). You’ll still be able to fast travel, but at the expense of food and stamina.

The new mode will also bring longer, deadlier nights and your animal chums will be harder to tame (and not as helpful once you’ve tamed ’em). Your beast friends will also be exposed to the risk of permadeath, so look after your pets.

So all that’s coming April 12 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The PC update will also bring 4K textures to the game, provided your rig can handle such decadence.