Farming Simulator Announces Esports Pro League With Huge Cash Prize

Giants Software

As much as Farming Simulator is not and will probably never be my cup of tea, there’s no denying that as far as sims go, it’s up there with the biggest and best of them. 

It’s very much the Robert Downey Jr of the simulation genre, if you’ll allow such a pointless and ridiculous comparison.

Anyway, developer Giants Software is clearly aware that their sim could really go the distance in the Esports scene, as its just announced a brand spanking new Farming Simulator League – and honest to God pro league with a €250,000 prize pool.

Giants Software

Weirdly enough, this hasn’t actually come out of the blue. Back in 2018, there were four competitive Farming Simulator tournaments held across Switzerland, Germany, and Poland.

These were comparatively small events with much smaller prizes, though. The biggest of them was at Herofest 18 in Bern, which offered a prize pool of €2890. The new league will hold 10 tournaments across Europe, and offer considerably more cash if you can prove your worth as the deadliest farmer of all.

Giants CEO Christian Ammann said:

Competitive farming is something people enjoy for years now, but it hasn’t been done in esports so far. We have lots of esports enthusiasts in our company who can’t wait to show the world that farming can indeed be fun and competitive at the same time. We believe we found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining.

Giants is pretty serious about the whole thing, revealing its partnered with the likes of Logitech, Intel, and Noblechairs. All competitive games will be using Farming Simulator 19, of course.

Games will apparently consist of a “competitive 3v3 mode where teams will challenge each other to determine who is the best on the field”, which sounds utterly thrilling to me.

We’ll be learning more about this new challenger on the Esports scene in the coming weeks, but for now you’d best get practicing if you want to harvest that fat cash prize.