FIFA 16 Shows Off New Gameplay Innovations


It’s just over two months until FIFA 16 will hit shelves, and the guys at EA Sports have released a new video detailing some of their new features.

Amongst the slew of new content, the video is picking out some of the top new attacking, midfield and defending tactics you can use to piss your mates right off. The new slide tackling systems, interceptions and shot characteristics will have you throwing your controller at the wall/ your nan/ the cat in no time. EA Sports been working with the little magician himself in order to hugely improve the dribbling system. Well, there go all my excuses…

The video also details how they’ve been working hard on their goalkeeper mechanics. No longer will you have to watch as a shot thunders in, inches from the keeper as he stares wistfully in the opposite direction. Looks like FIFA 16 could be shaping up to be the most complete football game to date, but we’ll have to wait until September 22nd to find out for sure.