FIFA Gamer Discovers Brilliant Speed Boost Trick

EA Sports/BorasLegend

There is always one mate who needs all the help they can get on FIFA, and if you think your group of gaming pals doesn’t have that person – well, it’s probably you.

But do not fear, help is at hand thanks to one YouTuber who does not keep his cards close to his chest.

BorasLegend is so honest in fact that he has shared his FIFA tips with the world via YouTube, and this speed boost tip should certainly sort your game out…

Didn’t have a pen and paper ready to take that all down?

Let’s go through it one more time – slowly…

First you need to master the ‘ball roll’, and this is done by flicking the trick stick 45 degrees, left or right, to the angle your player is facing.


Next hit L1 if you’re using a Playstation, or LB if you are a devoted Xbox gamer…

The third and final step – press and hold the sprint button while also flicking the left thumb stick in the opposite direction to where you sent the ‘ball roll’…

What are you waiting for?

Get playing and breeze past those mates that have been dominating.