Final Fantasy 7 Is Now Available On Your iPhone and iPad


One of the most iconic RPGs of all time is now available for you to play on the loo, as Final Fantasy VII has finally come to iOS. Unfortunately, there’s no word on a port for Android users just yet.

If you can’t find your Final Fantasy VII PS1 disk, don’t want to play it on your computer or don’t have the patience to wait for the probably-never-coming remaster, then this is gonna suit you down to the ground.

Final Fantasy VII will be available on the iPhone 5s and up or iPad 3 and up, and is basically just a shrunken down version of the PC port. It’s only playable on devices with at least iOS 8.0, so bad luck if you’ve been ignoring those updates, you’re gonna have to bite the bullet. You use touch controls to guide Cloud and his buddies around the fantasy world with the intuitive translucent joystick controls that ports like this tend to favour.

The random encounter battles that made the series so prominent are now completely optional, and developers Square Enix have also added a ‘max stats’ option, so you don’t even have to bother levelling up – though that kind of defeats the purpose of an RPG in my eyes.

Final Fantasy VII is available right now via the app store on iPhone and iPad for the pretty reasonable price of £11.99 when you consider what you’re getting. The HD remaster of Final Fantasy VII for consoles is currently planned for some time after the next ice age, so if you’re hankering for some nostalgia, this is as close as you can get to the original.