First Conan Exiles Gameplay Footage Is Brilliantly Brutal


maxresdefaultAfter a very brief cinematic trailer and a couple of screenshots, developer Funcom has now gone ahead and revealed the first gameplay footage of Conan Exiles.

The video contains pre-alpha footage, and shows off what I assume are the core gameplay elements: namely gathering resources, building, and cutting people in half when they try and step to you.

For the unaware, Conan Exiles is essentially an open world survival game set in the world of everyone’s favourite fictional barbarian.

You don’t play as Conan himself, but as an exile left to fend for themselves in a hostile wasteland and expected to survive – kind of like when my mum used to drop me off in Nottingham City Centre.

Growing crops, building shelters, hunting, and crafting tools are just some of the things you’ll have to do to get by. The new gameplay trailer also shows us some of the beasts we’ll have to deal with from time to time, including giant bats and spiders.


Funcom has previously said they aren’t fucking about in the gore department:

You see heads coming off, you see arms coming off, you see blood, you see gore, you see dents in armor. These are the things we’re aiming for.

While Conan Exiles is aiming to be a multiplayer experience first and foremost, you can also play the game entirely alone if you happen to think other people are nothing more than crusty scum. That might indicate you’re a sociopath, but whatevs.

Check out the trailer just below.

Conan Exiles will be launching on Steam Early Access September 13. Funcom has also promised it’s hard at work on a console version, though details are scarce right now.