First Footage Of The Witcher TV Show Reportedly Emerges


The Netflix adaptation of The Witcher is currently being filmed in Budapest and as a result, we really haven’t seen anything in terms of sneaky set pictures or the like. 

While this is obviously a good thing for the show’s producers and those that want to go in completely blind and unspoiled, there’s always that select few who are determined to hoover up whatever scraps of info they can get their hands on.

Netflix/CD Projekt RED

Luckily for them, a series of short videos have appeared online that might well have given us our first good look at the show.

A Canadian based virtual effects studio called Torpedo Pictures have uploaded an effects reel to their website that showing off what they’ve been working on over the last year, among other things, shows brief snippets of a fantasy/medieval style battle and a castle in the side of a mountain that gives off a real Kaer Morhen vibe.

Check it out for yourself below. Be aware that we’ve had no confirmation that Torpedo Pictures are working on The Witcher, but I can’t get over how much that castle resembles Geralt’s home at Kaer Morhen. I’ll include a comparison below the video.

Torpedo Pictures
CD Projekt RED

Again, it’s worth noting that we can’t confirm that the snippets of footage above are from The Witcher. If they are though, I have to say, it’s looking pretty good.

Netflix’s The Witcher stars Henry Cavill, and is aiming to arrive on the streaming service at some point in 2019. Hopefully we’ll get a more official look at the show sooner rather than later.