First Look At Planned Xbox And PlayStation Rival, The ‘Mad Box’

Slightly Mad Studios

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell announced last week that the studio were developing an extremely new powerful known as the “Mad Box” to rival Xbox and PlayStation. 

Bell claimed the console will be the “most powerful ever built” and will support 4k, VR at 60FPS, have a full engine for free to for other developers to create games on, and more. The CEO has now revealed some new details on the console, as well as a first look (of sorts) at the Mad Box itself.

As Bell notes in the above Tweet, this is just a glimpse at a design concept for the console, so might not be indicative of the final design. It is Bell’s favourite, however, which I imagine means the finished version likely won’t look too dissimilar to this.

While design concept number four looks a lot like a traditional console, Bell revealed that the team have been toying with some much more “out there” designs, including a pretty far out cube model, and one that resembles a classic gaming PC.

You can check those out below:

In addition to teasing these designs, Bell claimed that the Mad Box will be very light and will feature a deployable carry handle on top so you can move it around easily. He also claims the system will be able to communicate with other Mad Boxes without the need for cables, though he didn’t explain exactly what he meant by that.

Pricing and release details for the Mad Box have yet to be confirmed (it’s early days), but Bell reckons it should ship around the world in about three years, and will be competitive with “upcoming consoles”, probably referring to the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox.