Fortnite Could Be Getting A Thanos-Style Wreck It Ralph Event

Disney/Epic Games

Following Fortnite’s limited time Thanos event in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, it looks like Disney could be teaming up with Epic Games once again to promote the Wreck It Ralph sequel. 

The popular Disney character has actually already been spotted in-game, on a movie screen at the Risky Reels location (as found by u/MozzzyyTwitch), which has caused fans to speculate that he could soon play a bigger role in the battle royale – likely as a playable character in a limited time mode, just like Thanos.


Ralph would certainly be a great fit for a game like Fortnite. The colourful character is literally an old arcade game villain, and his first movie saw him crossing paths with the likes of Bowser and QBert as he explored various video game worlds.

As a result, it would make a lot more sense for Ralph to find his way into the battle royale, since exploring other video games and meeting famous characters is kind of his deal.

His latest flick, Ralph Breaks the Internetis set to be yet another pop culture mashup, with video game cameos that range from Pac-Man, Chun Li, and (of course) Fortnite.

He’s even set to make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III, along with pretty much every Disney character ever. If he does show up in Fortnite as a limited time character, it’ll be a nice way for Epic to repay Disney for the nod in Ralph Breaks the Internet. 

Epic hasn’t said anything either way, but given just how insanely popular the Thanos event was, I’d be surprised if we didn’t get something similar again.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is already out in the US, and will be coming to the UK on November 30, so if there is more to this cameo than a simple appearance on a cinema screen, then we should find out sooner rather than later.