Fortnite Exceeds 8.3 Million Concurrent Players

Epic Games

Love it or hate it, Fortnite is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon, as Epic Games has confirmed the colourful battle royale has exceeded 8.3 million concurrent players. 

Epic rarely shares these kind of numbers when it comes Fortnite, but CEO Sung Chul Park recently divulged the eye-watering stats to Korean site Inven.

Epic Games

To put this number into perspective, Fortnite hit 3.4 million concurrent players back in February, beating PUBG’s concurrent player record of 3.2 million which was set in January. Obviously, this means the game has risen drastically in popularity in less than a year.

The constant events and updates have probably helped no end, with Fortnite’s limited time Avengers Thanos crossover proving a colossal hit over summer.

For further madness, SteamDB notes that there are 13.2 million concurrent users across the whole of Steam, which means that Fortnite’s player base is actually on track have more simultaneous players than the entirety of Valve’s platform.

It’s worth noting that Fortnite enjoys sitting on pretty much every platform at this point, including mobile and Nintendo Switch. That’s bound to play a part in the game’s fulsome player base.

FortniteEpic Games

In other battle royale news, it looks like PUBG will finally be heading to PS4 in December according to new reports. Frankly, with Fortnite pulling in numbers like this, PUBG needs to hit PlayStation in a big way.

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