Fortnite Streamer Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Partner On Stream

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An Australian based video game streamer was arrested and charged with assault on Sunday night, after allegedly attacking his girlfriend while streaming Fortnite on Twitch. 

Please be aware that this article will contain language and content many of you may find distressing or offensive.

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Clips have already begun to spread on social media that show the man – known as MrDeadMoth on Twitch – shouting at his girlfriend, who is offscreen.

She asks him to stop playing Fortnite, and he gets up. A slapping sound is heard offscreen, and the woman can be heard crying.

The woman can be heard saying: 

You f**ing woman basher! Don’t hit me in the face. Don’t touch me in the face. You hear that all you people there, he just hit me in the face.

You can find a clip of the incident here, but be aware that it makes for extremely distressing viewing. In one moment, he calls her a “dog” before getting back up to attack her again, at which point young children can be heard crying.

Epic Games

MrDeadMoth has had his Twitch and Twitter accounts deactivated in the wake of this, and a press release put out by the Camden Police Area Command in New South Wales, Australia, confirmed that they responded to the alleged domestic violence attack, arresting a 26-year old man who was then taken to the Narellan police station and charged with common assault.

The Camden PAC said in its press release that the woman was not seriously injured, but has been left shaken by the incident. They also confirmed two young girls were present in the house at the time – one three years old and the other 20 months.

If you or a loved one has been affected by domestic violence, there is help out there – please don’t hesitate to click here for more information.