Fortnite YouTuber Dabs For 10 Hours And Raises $2000

Epic Games

Fortnite streamer Luke TheNotable streamed a 10 hour dabbing marathon (a dabathon?) on Epic’s popular battle royale, and made around $2,000 for his troubles. 

Now, I don’t know how much you guys make in a day’s work, but I don’t get close to $2,000 for a 10 hour shift, and my days tend to involve little to no dabbing.

Epic Games

Luke – a part of OpTic Gaming – live-streamed himself watching his in-game character use the “infinite dab” emote. That was pretty much it really.

For the next 10 hours, Luke would occasionally pop an IRL dab alongside his character, but he mostly spent the stream chatting with his viewers as the stream went on and donations continued to trickle in.

Our intrepid dabber explained that the reason he decided to do such a stream is because he saw the “infinite” part of the infinite dab emote as a challenge, and was determined to ride it out for as long as he could stand.

If you have 10 hours to spare and literally nothing better to do, you can check out the stream for yourself below.

Luke TheNotable’s Toxic Trooper dabbed twice every second, which equates to an eye-watering 120 dabs a minute. A quick bit of math finds that there were at least 72,000 dabs over the course of that stream, and that’s just from Luke’s in-game character.

What’s really quite sweet about this story though, is that Luke used his new-found earnings to browse YouTube and throw hundreds of dollars at random streamers. Sometimes good things can come from dabbing. Sometimes. Rarely.

Fortnite is Game of the Year.Epic Games

The only downside to this tale is that Luke managed to break his headphones during one particularly vigorous dab. A tragic casualty, and a reminder to us all to dab responsibly.