Forza 6’s Upcoming Expansion Details Have Leaked On Amazon


God bless the Amazon listing, the Holy Grail of videogame leaks. This time it’s given us details on the planned Porsche expansion for Forza Motorsport 6. Remember, there’s no official word just yet, so don’t hurt us if it doesn’t all turn out exactly this way.

First spotted by the Forza Forums, the expansion was listed at $20 (around £14) and is set for launch on March 1. The listing has now been edited to remove details, but of course a screenshot has been nabbed (below).

Said expansion will reportedly feature an all-new guided Porsche Anthology campaign experience featuring 48 new events, 20 Porsches, new Porsche-themed multiplayer events, Mods, and Badges. Porsche doesn’t sound like a real word anymore.

There’s also talk of a new track (Virginia International Raceway) and 250 Gamerscore worth of Xbox Live achievements.

As mentioned, there’s no official word on this yet from Microsoft or developers Turn 10 Studios, but the fact the Amazon listing was edited so swiftly speaks for itself.