Friday The 13th Game Offers Some Amazing Ways To Murder Stupid Teenagers


The more we hear about the new Friday the 13th videogame, the more we want to lock ourselves away and play it for the rest of summer camp.

This week at PAX South, the devs have shared some wonderfully gruesome new details, on the 1 v 7 multiplayer horror title, including the numerous ways in which you can dispose of those promiscuous lake-house teenagers.

Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th movie franchise have become so iconic in part because of the myriad of brutal ways Jason has murdered folk over the years, and it looks like the game is set to continue that grand tradition.

New kill animations for the game include ripping off legs and walking away with them, folding victims in half in a beach chair, slitting throats and drowning in toilets, and smashing victims against trees in their sleeping bag (a touching reference to the seventh movie).

Friday the 13th’s co-creator and designer Ronnie Hobbs said:

There’s a lot of brutal kills… If we get away with half of this stuff it’ll be a miracle.

Developer Gun Media have also revealed some new character models for Jason (based on his appearance from Friday the 13th: Part III. 

Friday the 13th is in full support of franchise creator Sean Cunningham, and allows one player to take control of Jason and make his way through seven camp counselors (controlled by other, less lucky players).

Original Jason – Kane Hodder – has even lent himself to a motion capture performance for the game, just in case you didn’t think it was authentic enough already.

Friday the 13th has a tentative launch window of October 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. We don’t think we can wait that long.