Gamer Girl ‘Cries Blood’ Live On Twitch After Cat Attacks Her


Warning Graphic Content


In something you don’t see every day, gamer Sara Kate cried blood live on Twitch after getting attacked by her cat.

Making a living off of gaming carries few occupational hazards. I can’t imagine someone calling up Injury Lawyers 4 U telling them they’ve fallen off their chair or that they have carpal tunnel syndrome thanks to the Nintendo Switch controllers.

Furthermore, you’d never expect there to be blood involved, but as Sara Kate found out, who broadcasts under the name SarakateeeThere Will Be Blood.

During her live streaming session of Call of Duty last year her innocuous-looking cat was behind her. After giving her some attention, without provocation, the cat lashed out at her, catching her in the eye.

The attack from her feline companion left her with blood streaming out of her left eye. No seriously, she was pretty much crying tears of blood.

In some countries (which I am not going to name) that would be considered a miracle – but we’ll just settle for fucking painful.


As it was live at the time, people watching the broadcast were left in a state of shock, worry, and discomfort and the footage has now gone viral again.

One commentator stated the cat ‘would not live to see the light of day’ if they were in that situation, whilst another viewer just felt ‘sick’ saying it was ‘so painful to watch’ – no shit.

However, Sara quickly took to Twitter after the cat-attack to assure everyone that she was fine.


Even though her cat clawed ‘the inside of eyeball’ she just happened to be wearing her contacts lenses at the time, otherwise ‘she would’ve killed my cornea’. Lucky break.

This once again proves the old age saying ‘never work with kids or animals’.