Gamer’s Parents Find Sealed Copy Of Pokémon Blue Meant To Be Birthday Gift In 1998

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Gamer's Parents Find Sealed Copy Of Pokemon Blue Meant To Be Birthday Gift In 1998Lanai/Reddit/Pixabay

A gamer’s parents have found a sealed copy of Pokémon Blue that was intended to be a birthday gift in 1998, and now could be worth a small fortune.

Sharing the discovery on Reddit, user Lanai said their parents had called and asked if a new Pokémon game would be of any interest.


To their surprise, it turned out to be a perfectly sealed copy of Pokémon Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy, which is now considered a rare collector’s item.

‘My dad told me he bought it for me as a birthday gift when I was a kid and lost it. They’ve been cleaning up the house now that they’ve retired,’ Lanai said.


After being urged by other users to have the game graded for its condition, Lanai said they would heed the Reddit community’s advice and place it in a protective case.

Despite sealed games like Pokémon Blue selling for upwards of $3,000, the user said they have no intention or desire to sell the game.

‘I am grateful to have such wonderful parents who not only bought me two Pokémon games (this one that was unknown to me and a Pokémon Red that I actually got for my birthday) but who also realised how much this game meant to me when they found it this past year,’ Lanai said.


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They added: ‘When I came over to pick it up we talked about how much I loved Pokémon as a kid, collecting the Burger King toys when the first movie came out (including the gold plated ones), seeing the first movie, playing Pokémon stadiums mini-games together with my sister and neighbours, and many more memories.’

Lanai said the monetary value of the box is outweighed by the nostalgic and sentimental value the game brings to them.

‘I am beyond lucky to have this game in such great condition but even luckier to have it as a physical representation of my parents love and what was a blessed childhood. This will be a keepsake I plan to hold on to,’ Lanai said.

As expected, fans of Pokémon on Reddit were extremely jealous. One person said: ‘This photo gave me chills. You are one lucky rascal.’


‘I cannot even begin to explain the feeling seeing this specific version in fresh plastic wrap gives me. Takes me back to 2nd grade, picking up the game from Walmart as a reward for straight A’s for the semester. No game since has had the same magic as starting that first Pokémon adventure,’ another person said.

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    My parents called and asked if I was interested in a new Pokemon game. Wasn’t exactly expecting this one.