Gamers Want Razer To Make A Toaster, As Thousands Back Campaign


Of all the causes to fight for in the world right now, I can scarcely imagine one more noble than getting famous gaming manufacturer Razer to make their own line of toasters. 

Odds are you’re already familiar with Razer’s work. The company makes high-end gaming laptops, keyboards, mouses, headsets, and even entered the mobile market recently with a dedicated gaming phone.

Give Us The Razer Toaster

As great as the tech company’s current catalogue is, though, I think we can all agree that the company needs to pull the collective finger out and create a machine that lightly toasts bread, god dammit.

The guys behind the Give Us The Razer Toaster campaign on Facebook clearly agree that the lack of a toaster is a gaping hole in the company’s seasonal lineup, at any rate, and their brave quest has gained plenty of traction on the social media side, with over 40,000 followers to their name.

The page’s creator, Mark, confirmed this whole thing (probably) isn’t a joke, explaining:

I started Team Toaster as a way for us to come together, share memes, share news, discuss strategies and for you all to have a say. If you want to help this page and community, the best way to do that is by being involved in Team Toaster. Yes it’s legit. Yes this whole movement is actually not a joke. I will continue to fight for this. My biggest hope is that Min-Liang Tan or Razer will notice more of our plight and support us in more ways.

Razer even got in on the fun themselves back in 2016, sharing the below trailer as an April fool’s prank:

While Mark’s push for Razer-based toasting glory has thousands of backers, he’s still a long old way off the desired one million that would (allegedly) make the damn thing a reality.

It wasn’t Mark that pulled this overly ambitious number out of nowhere though, it was actually Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan himself. Presumably he’s well aware the page is about as likely to hit one million as Razer are to start making a new range of pizza ovens.

Given that Mark’s page started back in 2013, we’re on track to hit one million and get that Razer toaster sometime in the next twenty years. Maybe. God speed, my brave little toaster.

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