Gears of War 4 Gets Gorgeous New Story Trailer



Microsoft shared a new Gears of War trailer during the season 2 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, and it’s pretty incredible. 

The trailer stars Marcus Fenix’s son (Marcus being the hero of the original games) and jumps between the past, where lil Fenix junior is running towards his parents, and the future, where a grown up Fenix is legging it from a horde of deranged beasts.

It’s a moving (and incredibly good looking) bit of footage set to to a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. Incidentally, Gears of War isn’t the first game this month to use that particular song to such great effect.

Check out the trailer below, and prepare to have your socks knocked off.

Gears of War 4 is all set to launch on October 11 for Xbox One. A PC version is also being considered, but nothing is set in stone at this point.