Geralt In Super Smash Bros Backed By CD Projekt RED Producer

by : Ewan Moore on : 19 Aug 2019 21:00
Nintendo/CD Projekt RED

Back in my day, Super Smash Bros was a fighting game reserved exclusively for Nintendo characters. Pikachu, Link, Samus, Fox, that bloke with the mustache – that was pretty much the lineup. 


Over the years, Nintendo has opened up its doors to fighters from all corners of the gaming universe. Pac-Man, Sonic, Snake, Cloud, Bayonetta, and more have all wandered into the franchise without absolutely no regard for the complex legal wrangling their inclusions must have involved.

Obviously, everybody loves Super Smash Bros, and if Nintendo asks if a character from another studio or publisher can appear in the game, the answer seems to be yes every single time. Anything goes these days, and anything can happen.

Of all the modern video game icons deserving of a slot in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I think we can all agree that The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia is a great shout. His two swords, variety of magic-based attacks, crossbow, and bombs make him the perfect candidate – it really doesn’t take much imagination to picture him fighting alongside Nintendo’s finest.


CD Projekt RED has proven it has no issue with lending Geralt out for other projects. Recently, the monster hunter for hire has appeared in Monster Hunter World and Soul Calibur VI, so why not make the ultimate cameo in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and be done with it?

With The Witcher 3 heading to Nintendo Switch later this year, it seems to me that Geralt’s inclusion in Smash is all but confirmed at this point. Every thing is in place for the White Wolf to start chopping Donkey Kong into tiny pieces while Kirby watches on in silent horror.

CD Projekt RED

During a recent hands-on event for The Witcher 3’s Nintendo Switch port, I got to speak with Piotr Chrzanowski, a Senior Producer at CD Projekt RED who’s working closely with Saber Interactive to bring the critically-acclaimed RPG to Nintendo’s machine.

After talking about what black magic CD Projekt RED, Nintendo, and Saber Interactive used to get The Witcher 3 on Switch, I decided end the interview by asking Chrzanowski if we’d be seeing Geralt in Super Smash Bros any time soon.

While this was obviously something he couldn’t confirm or deny on behalf of the Nintendo or CDPR, after a slightly nervous laugh, he made it clear that personally, he’d love to see Geralt in the game, and would put the White Wolf “everywhere” if given the chance. Me too mate, me too.


While I can only apologise that I was unable to get direct confirmation that Geralt is joining the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, I think we can take Chrzanowski’s enthusiasm for the move as a good sign of things to come.


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