Get Telltale’s Best Games For Super Cheap In New Humble Bundle


The latest Humble Bundle might just be one of the best yet, focusing on some of the finest games from developer Telltale.

The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Tales From the Bordelands are perhaps the biggest games on offer, but there are over 10 no less fantastic Telltale titles currently in the bundle.

The Humble Telltale Bundle currently features 12 games, with more on the way. Paying $1 (70p) gets you six games, including the excellent Back to the Future game. Putting in more more than the average, which is $8.01 (just over £5) as I write this gets you four more, such as Tales From the Bordelands and The Walking Dead: 400 Days add-on.

As always, if you pay the higher price you’ll still get all of the games in the lower price tier too. Paying $12 (£8.43) gets you another two games: Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead Season 2.

Once again, you get to choose where your hard earned cash goes. You can pay the developer, a charity of your choice, or a tip for Humble themselves – you can even split your money across all three, should you feel so inclined.

At the time of writing, this new Humble Bundle has made a total of $406,578.74 (£285, 578.96) and the top donation is from a bloke called Jeff, with $100 (£70.24). Cheers Jeff.