Get Yourself Some Great Ubisoft Games, Including The Division, For Under £55


The humble Humble Bundle has returned, offering that familiar wonderful blend of getting games for cheap and giving money to charity. Play and donate. Feel like a great person as you sit in your pants at three in the morning, eyes glued to your monitor. 

What can you get in the Ubisoft Humble Bundle? Calm down, and we’ll tell you. This one is (surprisingly) full of Ubisoft published games, offering up gems like The Division, Far Cry 3, and Rayman Origins. Let’s talk turkey…

As always, you can pay what you want, but their are certain monetary tiers that must be reached before you can access certain games.

For roughly 70p ($1) you can call Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Grow Home, and Rayman Origins your own. Pay more than the average (which at the time of writing is about £3.50) and Far Cry 3Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: BlacklistAssassin’s Creed Chronicles: China and some as yet unannounced games can be yours.

Pay higher, and you’ll unlock any games in the lower price tiers as well. For about £50 ($75) you can grab The Division as a pre-order, a Division T-shirt, and every other game in the bundle.

You can choose to split your money between charity, Ubisoft, and Humble Bundle themselves as you see fit. If you give nothing to charity we will all judge you though. Fair warning.