Ghost Recon: Wildlands Could Be The Best Tom Clancy Game Yet


If you’ve been looking forward to The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege, then Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is going to be right up your street.

Ubisoft aren’t satisfied with having two of the most anticipated shooters hitting shelves in the upcoming months, and it looks like they’re going to break the mould with Wildlands.

After being met with a wall of praise and winning multiple awards at its unveiling at E3, Ubisoft are looking to make a real impact on the shooter scene. Close quarters combat in Rainbow Six: Siege, gritty, multiplayer RPG action in The Division and massive open-world carnage in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Wildlands is set in Bolivia, which has become the cocaine capital of the world. Your team of specialists must overcome drug dealers, cartels and various other wrong’uns in an attempt to rid the country of its drug blight.

With a host of areas including snow covered mountains, deserts and rain forests, the game can be played alone or with up to 4 others in co op. Each mission will be completely open to the player’s interpretation, giving free reign on how they approach each scenario.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands currently has no release date but is planned for a 2016 showing on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the new trailer as well as Ubisoft’s E3 reveal trailer below.