God Of War Dev Reckons Kratos Would Deck Thanos

God Of War Dev Reckons Kratos Would Deck ThanosMarvel Studios/Santa Monica Studios

Avengers Endgame is in cinemas now, and manages to wrap up a decade of Marvel films in one epic, satisfying, and deeply emotional conclusion. To be clear, I’ve seen it and I loved it.

I won’t spoil anything here (that would be an awful thing to do) but seeing The Avengers attempt to bounce back after their crushing defeat against the villainous Thanos in Infinity War makes for some great cinema.

Obviously, the reason Thanos managed to kill half of all life in the universe is because Earth’s Mightiest Heroes just weren’t ready for him, but God of War developer Santa Monica Studio reckons there’s one man who could have put a stop to the purple one’s reign of terror – and probably single-handedly.

In a Tweet with a truly incredible accompanying GIF that I’ll be thinking about (and using) for years to come, Santa Monica Studio threw down the Infinity Gauntlet and challenged Thanos with a simple claim: Kratos is stronger than Thanos.

This is sure to spark an intense debate between comic book fans and gamers everywhere, as claiming a certain fictional character is stronger than another fictional character always does. Remember all the endless debates about whether Superman could take Goku in a fight? He could, by the way.

As far as the Kratos vs Thanos debate goes, I’m less sure. I think I’d give the edge to Kratos, what with him being the literal God of War and having murdered scores of actual Gods in his time… but if Thanos had a fully decked out Infinity Gauntlet he could in theory do whatever he wanted.

Then again, Thor managed to bury his own axe in Thanos’ chest before he could even do anything, so I could totally see Kratos doing the same. The only difference is that the Ghost of Sparta would probably go for the head.

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