God Of War Master Destroys All Nine Valkyries In 26 Minutes

by : Ewan Moore on : 06 Aug 2019 10:55
God Of War Master Destroys All Nine Valkyries In 26 MinutesGod Of War Master Destroys All Nine Valkyries In 26 MinutesSony

If you’ve played 2018’s excellent God of War reboot, you’ll be all-too familiar with the Valkyries side-quest, AKA the longest, most involved, and hardest mission in the game. 


If you’re not familiar, the quest involves Kratos and Atreus having to hunt down and challenge a number of optional bosses called Valkyries. They’re scattered all over the world, and some of them are genuinely quite hard to find – but tracking them down is nothing compared to actually having to go toe-to-toe with them.


Valkyries are without a doubt the toughest warriors in the game, with incredibly rapid attacks that do a ton of damage, and boss-sized health bars. Each has at least one individual attack too, so don’t go thinking you can learn the patterns of one and use it to master the rest of them.

There are eight Valkyries to fight in total, plus a ninth final challenge in the form of the Valkyrie Queen – a battle that still gives me nightmares, and took me several hours to beat, even on the easiest mode.


The point is, the God of War Valkyrie quest is hard, long, and gruelling. As such, it’s absolutely shocking to me that one player managed to fell all nine of them in under half an hour. I genuinely don’t think I could take out more than two in that time.

As pointed out be developer Sony Santa Monica on Twitter, Clowned187 has just set the world record for Valkyrie slaying by taking them all out in a staggering 26:48. The previous world record, also held by Clowned187, was 28:12. I mean, give someone else a chance mate. Come on.

Check out the astonishing run below.

Some say Clowned187’s path to victory involved sitting under a waterfall while playing God of War every day for five hours. Others say he’s just naturally really good at the game and used the most effective weapons, armour, and skills to get the job done. Who can really say which is true?

It was probably the latter.

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