God Of War Sequel Development Gearing Up, According To New Job Listings


You’re probably sick and tired of people telling you how bloody brilliant 2018’s God of War is. The PS4 exclusive took a classic video game character and gave him fascinating new layers in a mystical road trip full of tight gameplay and gorgeous spectacle. 

Obviously, anyone who played the game through to the end will know that there’s plenty of material left to explore in a sequel, and given the sales the game generated I’d be surprised if Sony let developer Santa Monica Studios rest easy for long.

Great news for anyone hoping for a sequel sooner rather than later then, as it seems Santa Monica is currently looking for writers to join the team to ‘generate banter dialogue and supporting narrative content for various game systems.’

While God of War isn’t specifically mentioned in the job listing, and Santa Monica work on numerous franchises, their most well known property is the one starring Kratos.

Plus, come on… if ‘banter dialogue’ doesn’t conjure up images of Kratos chatting about this that and everything in between to his kid while they explore, then I don’t know what would.

Here’s the full job listing for context:

We are looking for an experienced Game Writer who understands the nuanced marriage between gameplay and narrative. The ideal candidate has a keen ear for dialogue and has written professionally on at least one shipped AAA game title.

In addition, I do have to again point out that God of War made the biggest of bucks of Sony, so it’s really not unlikely that the team is already hiring for a sequel. The fact they’re currently looking for writers does suggest the game is in its earliest stages, though.

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