God of War Sequel Plans Sketched Out By Seriously Talented Fan

A God of War Sequel Plans Sketched Out By Seriously Talented Fan Yong Yi Lee/Sony Santa Monica

Yong Yi Lee is, like so many of us in 2019, a big fan of God of War. He’s also an incredibly talented professional games artist, and has used his mighty skills to sketch out his own ideas for what he wants from the inevitable sequel in exquisite detail.

While most people would just write lengthy (and kind of dull) blog posts detailing what they want from God of War’s sequel, Lee’s approach is far more interesting, depicting Kratos getting tangled up in Ragnarok, and finding himself at odds with the Gods once again – which is very probably what’s going to happen, to be fair.

Take a look at few of the images below, or head to Lee’s ArtStation page to see more.

Yong Yi Lee
Yong Yi Lee
Yong Yi Lee

My personal favourite element of Lee’s take on God of War: Ragnarok (as I’m sure we can all agree it’s going to be called whenever it does get announced) is probably the giant undead wolves. I could see those deathly doggos making for some incredible, epic fights.

For now, the sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed God of War remains shrouded in a thick layer of Nordic mystery, though we have basically had confirmation that it’s happening, thanks to some job ads that were recently posted online.

The job ad posted was for a senior combat designer, one that must “have knowledge of God of War (2018) and be able to speak about the combat systems, mechanics and enemies.” Interestingly, the ad also mentions “next-generation video game platform experience is desirable”, which all but confirms that the next God of War is destined for the PS5, surely?

These job ads follow a number of cryptic teases from director Cory Barlog, who is clearly dying to tell us all that the development on the sequel has started.

Santa Monica Studio

Given that Sony decided to give E3 a miss this year, I’d imagine some kind of announcement regarding the next God of War will be made whenever the publisher decides to officially unveil the PS5, which is probably coming in a few months (the announcement, not the console itself, that is).

After all, a console is nothing without its games, and showing off a sequel to one of the most acclaimed games of the PS4-era as a PS5 title would be one hell of a way to kick things off.

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