Good News For Pokemon GO Fans As Game Makes Huge Change

by : UNILAD on : 30 Jul 2016 16:03

Since Pokemon GO was released earlier this month, players around have been going mad about the prospect of living out their childhood dreams of catching Pokemon in the real world.


But now that this hysteria is slowly beginning to die down, its fans are starting to notice its negatives.

Minus the fact that it doesn’t work the majority of the time, many have observed that it can also become extremely repetitive, with certain Pokémon always tending to spawn in specific locations.

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Like me, are you growing sick and tired of same old Pokemon popping up time and time again? Getting extremely fucking bored of seeing Drowzee nests, when what you really want is an Eevee or Electrabuzz?


Well maybe, just maybe this could now become a reality. That’s right, it appears Niantic have completely shaken up the entire spawn system on Friday night, Forbes reports.

For example, someone’s usual Dratini hunting ground, for example, had become an Eevee hotspot:

Or that the Electrabuzz was now the dominant nest in Central Park and not Pinsir:

The ever trusted and dedicated SubReddit channel The Silph Road made the observation and by using PokeVision, a real-time site which allows you to see which Pokemon are near your location, they found that locations around the world have had a mass reshuffle.

It’s goods news for those who wanna catch em’ all and it’s a move that seems to make a whole lotta sense, considering that unless you head out on some massive trips across the country, you’ll just keep seeing some rather predictable Pokemon spawns.

But if this is changed every few weeks or so, it will give us gamers a decent reason to keep us engaged and give us the hope that we will catch some more elusive beasts.


However, before you get mega excited, there is a chance your area might not have seen any change whatsoever. Early indications suggest that some have been left alone during this seismic shift and are not flipping to a new Pokemon just now.

And if you thought this could be the end of the common as muck Pokemon, your Pidgeys, Spearows, Rattatas, Zubats etc, then you would be mistaken, as this change appears to only be effecting rare Pokemon.


Still though, hopefully this news might just be enough to get you out exploring again- I know I will be.

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