UK Survey Profiles Pokemon GO Players, And It’s Not Pretty

by : Ewan Moore on : 15 Aug 2016 12:26

Have you ever wondered what people who play Pokemon GO are really like? I mean, it’s a pretty niche game, so they’re kind of a mysterious, unknowable mass.


Thankfully, a massive study from YouGov has uncovered the impossible, and profiled Pokemon GO players in the UK.

Pokemon go usagePokemon go usageYouGov

The study discovered that the mobile app has 5.3 million active players in the UK, has been downloaded 6.1 million times in total, and has over a million paying players.

That’s all well and good – but I’m sure most of us already assumed that a shit ton of people were playing the game. Still, it’s cool (or terrifying) to know that it’s actually claimed 13 percent of the population.


What’s really interesting is the personality profiling of Pokemon GO players in the UK that YouGov came up with.

Pokemon Go illustrative-01Pokemon Go illustrative-01YouGov

The study involved interviewing 25,000 people, which inspired this rather unflattering profile:

The data shows they are more likely to favour newness when it comes to music or fashion and also veer towards vanity – liking to stand out and thinking it is important to look good. However, they are more likely to be unmotivated. While they are highly educated, on the whole they are more likely than the rest of the population to be unambitious, easily distracted, and classify themselves as under achievers.

Vein, unmotivated, and unambitious? It’s like they have a window into my very soul.

Oh, and it turns out people who use Pokemon GO are also customers of Primark, Dominoes, and Fanta – great find guys, because no one is likely to use those brands usually.

Pokemon go customersPokemon go customers

You can read the full report here. Meanwhile, my own study finds that people who like Pokemon GO also enjoy ice cream, laughing, and breathing.

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