Gran Turismo Sport Looks Achingly Realistic In New Images


Gran Turismo Sport is currently out there in the wild for a number of PlayStation Network users thanks to a closed beta, and the chosen few have been busy showing off just how insanely good the new racing game looks. 

Obviously any gamer with a shred of sense will tell you that graphics don’t make a game, but I have to say – when they look this ridiculously good, it definitely helps.

Check out a few GIFs below, courtesy of NeoGAF users benzy, SunhiLegend, kostacurtas and Cyriades.

I’m not one to throw around the phrase ‘mind-blowing’, but Gran Turismo Sport is just that in the visual department. It really is something else.

According to early impressions, Gran Turismo Sport runs at native 1080p with 60 fps on the regular PS4. Bear in mind that everything you’re seeing so far is from a regular PS4, so one can only imagine how slick this game runs on the Pro.

It should also be noted that the GIFs presented to you here today are taken from the game’s replay mode, which runs at 30 fps but with improved visual quality.

Anyway, more GIFs – we both know that’s why you’re really here.

Gran Turismo Sport comes exclusively to the PS4 (with PSVR support that will no doubt melt your eyeballs out of their skull) later this year.