Gran Turismo Sport Teases A Whole Host Of Cool Features

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 May 2016 10:22

Gran Turismo Sport might be a humble spinoff rather than a full blooded sequel, but that doesn’t mean the developers aren’t aiming to please. 

In a new interview with Game Watch, (via Dualshockers) franchise boss Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that features such as weather and damage effects will be present in the final game, despite being absent from a recent demo.



It turns out that developer Polyphony has already been working on a damage system for Sport, but it wasn’t ready in time for the grand unveiling of the title last week in London.

It was also revealed that weather effects will be implemented, but rather than a dynamic, constantly changing weather system, we’ll be able to select it at the start of each race. This is apparently because dynamic weather involves a “trade off in terms of quality”.

Finally, the team is still aiming for that glorious target of 60FPS/1080p, but there are still noticeable frame rate drops. As a result, they’re hard at work on getting a stable frame rate down.



Sony announced last week that Gran Turismo Sport will be the “first racing experience” to be built for real online competitions sanctioned by the FIA (Federation International Automobile).

In short, they want to make it an actual, competitive virtual motorsport, where the player can build their own racing career from the ground up. Sounds interesting.

Check out an official gameplay trailer just below.


Gran Turismo Sport comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on November 15 in Japan, Asia, and North america. The UK gets it November 18.

Ewan Moore

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