GTA 6 Should Take Place In One Of These Three Cities


Grand Theft Auto 6 (or GTA 6 to its friends) is coming at some point – this much we all know. What we don’t know for sure, however, is where the next entry in Rockstar’s open world crime epic will be set.

Thankfully, through a combination of rumours, reports, speculation, and guesswork (all solid foundations), it can (probably) be narrowed down to one of the following three cities.

Well, it probably won’t be any of these – but I’d like to see it take place in one of these three cities.


Rumours of a GTA 6: Lake City floated around a while back, only for Rockstar to shoot them down. One site actually went so far as to suggest Rockstar ‘confirmed’ this news – which they absolutely didn’t.

With that said, I don’t know that we can count Chicago out entirely – it’s a major US city, and would make sense if Rockstar are dead against taking the franchise out of the US.


This is, I admit, the least likely by far – but still a small possibility. At any rate, Chicago is so two years ago (and if you get that reference, we can be friends).



After five core games set in the US, is it not time to see how the franchise would work outside of America? After all, GTA 5 created such a rich and fully realised parody of ‘murica, that I really don’t see how they could top it.

Enter London – a city with bags of potential for an entertaining and hilarious Rockstar game. There’s so much that the developer could address and rip the piss out of, from buffoonish mayors, to chavs and Brexit.

Of course, the franchise has been there once before too…

Unfortunately, it seems that Grand Theft Auto V writer Dan Houser ruled out London in an interview with The Guardian.

He explained:

I think for us, my gut feeling is, GTA London was cool for the time, but games were more limited then. These days I think we would love to set a game in the UK, set in London, whatever, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game. I think there are plenty of great stories we could tell about the UK, great environments to showcase, great gameplay mechanics that could have a UK bent to them – I just don’t think it would be a GTA necessarily.


With that said, Houser is one man in a large team. Just because he’s said he’s not keen on London, doesn’t mean it definitely won’t happen.



Fun fact: Rockstar games previously considered a Grand Theft Auto set in Tokyo.

Apparently Rockstar actually went and visited the city between GTA 3 and Vice City to get a feel for the area, take photos, and talk to the locals.

By all accounts, the team were super keen on pushing forward with the project, but a ‘problematic’ road system and the fact that GTA is a firmly established US brand meant it never came to be.


Has enough time passed for Rockstar to consider changing up the GTA formula in a big way? If they do decide it’s time to move away from the States, surely Tokyo – as a city they once scouted – would be top of the list?

Nothing is set in stone, of course – we don’t even know when the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming – but as long as Rockstar keep things interesting and surprise us all, it should be just fine.