GTA Online Getting New Update, Here’s What’s New


Rockstar has imbued the hugely popular GTA Online with yet another massive update, and there’s plenty to be getting on with. 

Following on from last week’s Special Vehicle Circuit add-on, this week’s patch is all about giving you a chance to get the most of new vehicles – such as the Ruiner 2000, and Blazer Aqua – by chucking in a ton of new props like explosive crates and hurdles.

If you missed the initial Cunning Stunts update, it’s basically GTA meets Wacky Races in a circuit builder that encourages you to go as big as possible. It’s fucking great, and you can see it in action below:

If all that wasn’t cool enough, Rockstar have also thrown in a promising feature called ‘Stunt Tubes’ which ‘send racers on a trip through alternative dimensions’.

Finally, the update introduces a ‘lightweight and pint-sized addition to the Sports class’ called the Hijak Ruston – a nippy little thing that can get around the track easily enough, but probably won’t hold up when rammed into the aforementioned explosive barrels.


Rockstar have also teased plenty more content to be added into GTA Online in the coming months, including new vehicles and promising sounding new modes called Top Down and Resurrection.

Given that all these updates are completely free, GTA Online really is the Giving Tree of online crime games.