GTA Online More Popular Than Ever, Still Making The Big Bucks

Ewan Moore | UNILAD

GTA Online is the (free) multiplayer mode for the universally adored Grand Theft Auto V. It’s glorious, ridiculous fun, and apparently it’s still raking in a shit ton of money and players, despite having been out for two years now. 

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed the good news at an earnings briefing this week (we bet those things are riots). He claims that players continue to be “highly engaged” with GTA Online. 

Ewan Moore | UNILAD

Zelnick didn’t actually reveal any specific numbers, but he did share that this Christmas just gone, GTA Online saw its best ever week for both revenue and active players. Before Christmas, the game was seeing around 8 million players a week, so there’s probably some big numbers floating around.

This sustained engagement with the game is, Zelnick suggests, is down to Rockstar’s steady stream of free content and in-game events. At least in part, anyway.

Bold as brass, Zelnick then went on to state that he believes Take-Two’s GTA Online revenue will continue to increase year over year.  Happy days.