GTA V Cheaters Watch Out, Rockstar Is Coming For You


Developer Rockstar Games has put new measures in place, designed to take your ass down if you cheat on GTA V’s popular online mode. 

If you’ve got any ‘illegitimately gained’ in-game money, it’ll be removed from your virtual bank account, just like that. Rockstar ain’t screwing around – which is ironic for a franchise almost exclusively concerned with ill-gotten gains.

At any rate, this is being done to ‘keep the gameplay environment fair’ and ensure that we all have a nice time running around as virtual criminals.

Rockstar said:

If you received an alert saying that your shared bank balance was adjusted, that is because you had illegitimate funds in your account.

In addition to this clampdown, the developer has also tightened up its ban and suspension policy for GTA Online. First time offenders will be treated to a temporary ban, while a follow-up offence could lead to permanent exclusion from the game.

Worse (or better) still, all suspensions and bans cannot be appealed, and suspensions will erase all progress for your character(s).

You can net yourself a suspension in GTA Online for a number of things, including using modded content, exploiting gameplay mechanics, and generally being a dick.

In other GTA Online news, recent reports have surfaced detailing rumoured content for the game between now and 2020.