Guy Creates Buddy System For Online Gamers After Fellow Player Fell Ill

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 12 Aug 2020 15:15

A Twitch streamer has created an online ‘buddy system’ after someone he was talking to said they were having difficulty breathing before going completely silent. 

Jay Britton was chatting to fellow Twitch users when an active Discord member told them they weren’t feeling well. Other members in the chat knew this person lived alone, so were extremely concerned when they fell silent after expressing they were having problems breathing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these platforms, Twitch is like a TV station with the streamers being all the different channels that station provides, and Discord is like an old school internet forum where you can join different groups and chatrooms.

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The Twitch community jumped into action after the person went silent, and started looking into the where the person lived in a bid to help them despite them all living in other countries. Jay is UK-based while the unwell individual was in Germany.

Jay told UNILAD what he and the other gamers did to try help:

We collated the information we had about them: full name; place of work; possible nearby towns they lived in etc. I reached out to one of my contacts who may have been able to help get in touch.

I was primed to ring their place of work, another community member was going to phone the local embassy, but thankfully they got back in touch confirming they’d managed to make a call and help on the way. At that point we got some direct contact details for them and kept talking to them on Discord until they were safely on the way to hospital, and then while they were in ER and again once they got home.


The scare prompted Jay to create a buddy system so if this were to happen again, people could help one another.

For the buddy system, someone picks someone else to share useful contact information with. Jay then created a spreadsheet with the names of those who are buddies – people’s personal information is only shared between each buddy pair.

Speaking about creating the system, Jay said, ‘Another community member mentioned that perhaps we should have a system, so I put my thinking cap on for the simplest way to make it work that didn’t involve sharing or storing a lot of personal information in one place.’


The gamer took to Twitter to share his idea, which has been applauded by many.

After sharing the story through a series of tweets, Jay finished the thread saying:

If you think it’d be useful in your online community consider a buddy system. Communities are spread across the world and time zones but they can also be a big part of someone’s life who doesn’t have anyone else. Let’s have their back.

Hats off to Jay for such a brilliant idea.


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