Guy Accidentally Causes One Of The Biggest Crashes Ever In GTA 5


YouTube user Hoosker Don’t uploaded the ludicrous clip to his account a week ago, and it’s 5 minutes of pure horrifying chaos.

Casually riding his bike on a mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, Hoosker Don’t collides with an oncoming car and sacks it off the bonnet of the vehicle. Battered but alive he takes his helmet off to asses the damage, completely unaware of the apocalyptic crash pile up that’s about to take place.

The following 5 minutes of devastation really need to be seen to be believed. Cars collide, trucks explode, in the confusion one guy beats up another guy who’s on fire (it doesn’t end well for either of them) and there are enough explosions to keep Michael Bay happy.

Having racked up nearly 600,000 views in one week, the count is still climbing. This is why we love GTA.