Guy Drugs His Girlfriend So He Can Play Video Game For Longer

by : Mark Foster on : 09 Jul 2015 14:18

An absolute twat in Germany has admitted using Roofies on his girlfriend in order to prolong a gaming session with his friends. 

Speaking at his court hearing, the man admitted to putting “four or five drops” in her tea in order to knock her out for 14 hours. The woman, who is no longer with this tool, had been working a long shift when she came home to unwind and watch television, but was dismissed by the gamer and his buddies.


The dosage used was so high that she slept from 10pm to midday the next day, when she drove to work still drowsy and unaware of the Rohypnol in her system. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured during the incident, but the man could have been facing manslaughter, or worse for his reckless stupidity and utter disregard for his girlfriends wellbeing.

Unbelievably, he has only been given a slap on the wrist and fined €500 with the judge saying “Your girlfriend slept long and deeply, which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm.” The guy has said that “It was stupid, but I’m on the straight and narrow now.” if you can believe that.

The real question here is why did this guy have Rohypnol readily available? His ex-girlfriend has since said that he was a heavy drug user himself and had access to many prescription drugs.

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