Guy Invents Real Life Spider-Man Web Shooter

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Sep 2018 20:08
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Some people simply dream of having superhero powers – but one man made it a reality by inventing a real life Spider-Man web shooter. 


I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who have been envious of Spider-Man’s nifty web-shooting trick; people who eventually had to come to terms with the fact that the closest they were going to get to having those powers was through Spider-Man video games.

But one guy has given the world the opportunity to control webs without a PS4, and instead with a device that really shoots webs. The best part is, they’re willing to share it with the world and have made the invention available for purchase.

Check it out here:


While it’s a little more visible than Spider-Man’s version, the device still looks pretty awesome, and you even get to do the hero’s hand motions to make the web shoot from your wrist.

The web cartridge can be replaced, so your web-shooting fun never has to end. You could attempt to trap bad guys (or your friends and family), and probably even give real spiders a run for their money with your new found web shooting powers.

Though, I wouldn’t recommend relying on the device to swing from buildings. The description explains that ‘the web string is not strong and will snap under tension.’ Use your powers wisely.


The web shooter is available to buy on Etsy, and would no doubt make the perfect gift for any Spider-Man fan – though the page does advise it is not for those under the age of 15.

The description explains:

While functional, this web shooter will not stand up to incorrect or rough use.

The webbing only sticks to magnetic surfaces.


The creation has been met with a lot of approval, with many social media users commenting their praise and sharing their ideas for the way they would use their new powers.

One person believes the invention will kick start the real life superhero generation:

By next 10 years we are actually going to have spider man and batman all over the city. [sic]

For another, it’s the one thing missing from their superhero transformation:

how much would you sell me this for? i trying to become the next spider man in real life and i have everything else but this [sic]

SpidermanSpidermanMarvel Studios

A couple of other people thought alike in the way the device could be put to use.

One wrote:

Most people: This is human evolution at it’s finest

Me:I wonder if I can grab my Xbox controller without standing up

While another added:

this is good for retrieving remote


As great as the invention is, admittedly it could be the start of some laziness among the human race, with people never leaving their chairs and having anything they need delivered via the web.

Though, we might be already there…

I’m sure this will be on a lot of people’s Christmas lists this year!

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