Guy Makes Playable Version Of Doom On Fridge

by : Julia Banim on : 13 Oct 2020 13:33
Guy Makes Playable Version Of Doom On FridgeGuy Makes Playable Version Of Doom On Fridgevapingwithtwisted420/Instagram/Bethesda Softworks

A YouTuber has made a playable version of Doom on his own fridge, using plenty of technical wizardry and a good sense of humour.

Richard Mallard, who runs the YouTube channel VapingwithTwisted420, was able to get Microsoft’s xCloud service up and running on his Samsung smart fridge.


Richard sideloaded the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass app onto the unexpected appliance, and it appeared to be working pretty well.

Interestingly, as noted by The Verge, this crafty trick means the game streaming service has been made available through a fridge before it’s been launched on Apple devices.

Apple has reportedly been blocking services such as xCloud and Stadia from iOS and iPadOS, however the company has recently allowed Microsoft and others to package cloud games on the App Store into separate apps.


Sharing short clips of his stunt on Instagram, Richard wrote:

Forget the memes and jokes. I’m really out here! Get rekt on a Samsung smart fridge kid! Video soon. Lol

Richard later clarified that the full video would be landing Wednesday, October 14, remarking, ‘I amazed the shi actually works! Lol’.


Richard chose Doom: Eternal to play through his fridge, which is notably the first ever game to land on Xbox Game Pass following the acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft.

Fans have been left deeply impressed by Richard’s very cool (literally) stunt, with one person applauding:

This is GOAT level status lol shoutout to that setup

Another said:


Lmao if u can do it then why not right.

Bizarrely, this is by no means the first time a gamer has managed to play Doom via an unusual device. Just last month, a very clever programmer managed to load up the game on an electronic pregnancy test.

This feat was pulled of by a ‘hardware/software necromancer’ who tweets under the name foone.


Explaining how he managed it, he tweeted:

To clarify what I’m doing here: This is a replacement display AND a replacement microcontroller. I’m not using any of the original tester other than the shell.

The existing CPU can’t be reprogrammed and the existing LCD can only show 4 things, so I had to replace both to make any changes. And the current version doesn’t even fit into the shell! (although I’m certain it will when complete)

In all honesty, I’m currently looking around my house wondering what couldn’t be used to play Doom on…

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