Guy Makes Working Baterang And Now The Streets Of Gotham Are Safe

baterang_wt_rocksteady-studiosRocksteady Studios

Batman is my favourite comic hero because he’s not super he’s just a hard working normal dude – albeit a mega rich one.

Apparently I’m not the only one who admires Bruce Wayne’s impressive work ethic because this YouTuber has taken it upon himself to engineer and actual working Baterang.

This isn’t just a plastic prop from your local toy shop – this thing springs open and can be thrown and everything.


When you think about it, this guy sort of is Batman now. That’s what makes Batman great. Because Batman doesn’t have superpowers – he’s just a bloke in a costume – when you dress up as Batman you actually are Batman.

Like it’s not cosplay, it’s what Batman does.

baterang_01_youtubeYouTube / LaserGadgets

Obviously Batman has more than a costume he’s got some sweet gadgets and martial arts skills too. But now this guy has made Baterangs all he has to do is learn martial arts and he’s a real world Batman.


I mean, he’d need to fight some crime too. Ideally without dying.

Which is tricky when you’re running around throwing Baterangs at criminals.

baterang_02_youtubeYouTube / LaserGadgets

One problem might be that these Baterang’s look actually really bloody deadly sharp and heavy. So actually you’re more likely to commit a crime than prevent one by killing a bad guy properly dead with a Baterang to the face.

You can watch LaserGadget’s full video here: