Hacker Group Promise To Continue Their Attacks On Pokemon GO


I’m sure you probably noticed that the Pokemon GO servers were down for the majority of last weekend (July 16/17).

What you might not know, is that a hacker group came forward to claim responsibility.

Allegedly, a hacker group known as PoodleCorp were behind a number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks that crippled Pokemon GO’s servers.


Of course, Pokemon GO’s servers have been struggling with the insane number of active players since the game launched, so there’s every chance that PoodleCorp were just looking to make a name for themselves by claiming responsibility for a perfectly innocent crash.

However, in a new interview on YouTube, PoodleCorp representative Axo-0 has said that the group will be proving it was them by taking down Pokemon GO again for 24 hours on August 1.

When asked why PoodleCorp is doing this, Axo-0 responded:

Because we can, chaos is entertainment. We like to piss people off because we can.


According to Axo-0, PoodleCorp is something of a hacking ‘super-group’ with members from Lizard Squad and solo hackers all joining together for ‘fun this Summer’, by stopping other people from going out and actually having fun finding Pokemon this Summer.

Oh, and Axo-0 has a message for Pokemon GO players:

Find something else to do, cause if that is all you have to do you need a life.

It’s nice to know that in a world where terrorism and corporate greed run riot, you can always rely on a group of hackers to stand up for what’s right and ruin a bit of harmless fun for everyone.