Hacking Group Claims Responsibility For Holiday PSN And Xbox Live Outages


2016 never intended to end without continuing to prove it was the biggest, baddest, nastiest year of them all, right up to the last few seconds. 

So, it was pretty much par for the course when New Year’s Eve saw various gamers reporting outages across the PSN and Xbox Live networks.

While gamers from North America, Europe and Australasia all took to social media to vent their frustrations at the unexpected downtime, neither Sony nor Microsoft actually reported any problems with their respective networks.

In fact, Sony’s network status page reported no issues with the PSN, while Microsoft claimed that all services were still very much online.

While it’s unclear exactly what was going on (if indeed anything even was), the hacker group Lizard Squad quickly came forward to claim responsibility for the reported outages.


While some users suggested they couldn’t see any evidence of outages or server downtime, others experienced problems getting online with games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Destiny. 

Certainly, it seems like whatever the problems were, only a small minority experienced them. Then again, that could be because most people were out abusing their livers on New Year’s Eve.

Lizard Squad

Lizard Squad has previously threatened to attack console gaming networks over the festive period, however – I guess everyone needs a hobby.