Half Of Players Asked In New Survey Have Already Quit Anthem For Good


When Anthem arrived in February, it did so to the kind of muted response usually reserved for bad jokes told by people you don’t want to offend, or a new single from Maroon 5. In other words, it was all a bit “meh”. 

As much as everyone loves developer BioWare (because I feel like I do need to make it clear how much we all truly love BioWare before reporting on anything to do with Anthem), the studio’s latest game seems to be struggling pretty badly.


While BioWare has yet to reveal any official stats on the game’s playerbase (beyond confirming that it sold well in its first week), a new player-run survey conducted by an Anthem player called SyntaxTheGr8 through Reddit has revealed that the online RPG/shooter is not in the rudest of health.

The survey, which received over 1,000 responses is an incredibly detailed piece of work. While you can read the whole thing here, perhaps the most shocking revelation is that over half of the players asked (53 percent) have already admitted to quitting Anthem for good.

The survey also found that exactly half of players have encountered what they’d describe as “many” bugs during their time with Anthem, and 56 percent would give the game’s current loot system a 1 out of 5.

Meanwhile, only 36 percent of players think the future of Anthem is “not looking good at all.” The rest are simply “concerned”, which is something, I guess.

Finally, the survey asked participants what one thing they’d change in Anthem if they could. The answers were then used to generate a word cloud, which you can see below. It’s not great.


While the game is in undeniably bad shape right now, BioWare is aware of this. The studio recently posted job listings that confirm it’s looking to rework loot, combat balance, and more, to give fans the experience they want.

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