Halo Infinite Will Have RPG Elements, According To Job Listings


Halo Infinite (AKA Halo 6) will be Master Chief’s next grand outing, but the game – first unveiled at E3 2018 – is currently shrouded in mystery.

Is it a traditional FPS in the vein of the first three games, an open world adventure, or something entirely different? We just don’t know yet, but a recent job listing may have provided some interesting new details.

343, who are of course developing the new Halo, are currently looking for Microsoft Senior Systems Designer who needs to have “familiarity with RPG and Shooter game mechanics.”

Naturally, this implies that Halo Infinite will be infusing that traditional Halo gameplay with some brand new RPG elements, which might even tally with the previous rumours that the game will have a larger, open world.

The job listing reads:

343 is looking for a Senior Systems Designer to work on our next epic, systems-driven Halo Campaign. We are looking for a seasoned individual to manage, architect, document, and help drive systemic gameplay within our Campaign experience. Key responsibilities will focus on building and help manage a passionate design team, working closely with other disciplines to design systems as well as tools for the Campaign team. While working closely with the Campaign Director, the ideal candidate will need strong communication skills to pass on both vision for the game as well as give and elicit critical feedback from their team.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean 343 is taking the game down an Anthem/Destiny route, because I can guarantee that’ll go down like a lead balloon with the fans. People will definitely want the next core Halo game to be a single player experience, at least in terms of the campaign.


As has been pointed out before though, the Infinite part of the game’s title does have implications of some kind of deeper online service-based model – although it could also be nothing more than a reference to the ship in Halo 5. 

For now, we just have to trust that 343 understand what the fans want from the next Halo game. Expectations are obviously pretty damn high, so I don’t envy them in the slightest.