Halo TV Series May Reveal Master Chief Without Helmet

Halo TV Series May Reveal Master Chief Without Helmet343 Industries

In what must surely be one of the signs of the long awaited apocalypse, it’s been hinted at that Showtime’s upcoming Halo TV series, might take the bold step of de-helmeting series protagonist Master Chief.

Showtime’s Gary Levine has been talking to Deadline Friday about the show, saying that “there’s all kinds of new drama that we will be exploring but we will stay faithful to the canon.”

Faithful that is, apart from the fact that they might reveal Master Chief’s great big unit of a head, which famously hasn’t been seen outside of a comic adaption called Halo:Fall of Reach Boot Camp, which depicted a child version of John 117. Little John, if you will.

Halo TV Series May Reveal Master Chief Without Helmet343 Industries

The only other time we got even a hint of a glimpse at the Chief’s mug was at the end of Halo 4, where he removed his helmet to reveal only a shadowy and scarred face. Presumably John didn’t grow up to be an actual shadow, but you never know.

Halo TV Series May Reveal Master Chief Without Helmet343 Industries

When asked if we would be seeing an unmasked Master Chief in the series, Levine slyly answered “we’ll have to wait and see,” which doesn’t give a huge amount away, admittedly.

What we do know, is that Canadian-American actor Pablo Schreiber has been cast as the iconic Spartan II super soldier, so if you’re being really picky, you could say that we already know what he looks like under the helmet. If you do say that, then I say nuts to you. Spoilsport.

Levine also noted that 343 Industries have been working with Showtime through the process, to get the feel of the show right. He said “they’ve been a great resource for suggesting things that we weren’t aware of and also at times to say sometimes something violates something in the canon.”

The Halo series is on track to release April 2021 and has just started shooting in Budapest, Hungary. Fans will have their fingers crossed that it’s one of the elite adaptations that does justice to the gaming source material, where so, so many have failed.

I’m looking at you, Uwe Boll. I’m looking directly at you.

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