Halo Wars 2 Has Been Announced With This New Trailer


The RTS set in the Halo universe has been announced at Gamescom and the accompanying trailer is looking just awesome.

The original Halo Wars released in 2009 to pretty good reviews. The snappy cinematic and relatively slick RTS-style gameplay gave fans a new take on a hugely popular franchise, so it comes as no surprise that Creative Assembly (the guys behind Total War) have decided to push ahead with the sequel, cunningly titled Halo Wars 2. Where do they come up with these names?

The cinematic trailer shows some marines beating a pretty hasty retreat from a fire-fight gone very, very wrong. The game will apparently contain massive, fast paced battles and will be based around an entirely new Halo story. Halo Wars 2 is set for release some time in the Autumn of 2016, exclusively to Xbox One and Windows 10.